Custom Artwork

I am always happy to do custom work :)

Please, feel free to reach out by sending an email to me, Stevie with the phrase “Custom artwork” in the subject.


Custom Artwork and Murals


Traci Lords Pillow
Traci Lords Pillow. This project was commissioned by Traci and started along with the Wanda Paper Doll Book, (listed below).
Wanda Paper Doll Book
The Wanda Paper Doll Book was all Traci’s idea. It was so fun recreating the world of Cry Baby in paper doll form. ☺️
Here’s another Traci commission. Wanda from Cry Baby kicking off the New Year in her champagne flute! Cheers!
This set of 3 was commissioned by Aria who wanted some BDSM inspired art. I had such a wonderful time working on these! Such a fun project. :)
Louis Remolde Werrrk Fitness
This was a logo design for my friend Louis Remolde, founder of Werrrk Fitness. Inspired by the (what I now call timeless) 1980s fitness wave.
Sunny’s Hot Chili Oil
Sunny’s Hot Chili Oil. Is it ever tasty!
You can find this chili oil for sale at Sunny’s restaurant, Vientiane Bistro as well as many other Philadelphia.
And they’re Hot Ginger Habanero! 🔥
Little Fish Chimichurri
Little Fish Chimichurri Sauce label. 
And their Chili Oil
Liz and Dan Wedding Tile
This is a wedding tile for Liz and Dan.
The image is placed on the ceramic tile and then a resin layer to protect the art.
Emily and Alex
This is another wedding tile for Emily and Alex.
This was commissioned by the couple’s friend for a wedding present. They wanted the piece to be done in the same style as my drip drawings. 
This was a digital commission for Caleb to gift Shannon for their 12 year anniversary! They wanted to go with a tarot theme.
Jonas Pet Portrait

This was a commissioned Christmas present for the owners of the late Jonas. 

Piano and Violin
I have very sweet grandparents who like to keep me busy ☺️
This was a pretty easy one considering the client was not difficult to please, but I  wanted to share just the same.
Prompt: “I want a fun watercolor of a piano and another of a violin”.


South Street Art Mart
This is my first mural and storefront. 
It’s my baby and I love it so much. So grateful they asked me to do this project.❤️

Taxes and Titties

Ali Gerber of Gerber Accounting and Tax Services commissioned this office mural. She wanted something that said Taxes and Titties. 

South Philly Woodlands/ Meadows

This was the late summer of 2020. One of the departments of FDR park had lost their funding due to the pandemic to spruce up the Woodlands, (later to be named Meadows as you’ll see in the following image). I was only to use what supplies they had there. 


Here’s where it ended up. The name “Woodlands” had been used for another project so they called me back to change the name to “Meadows”. They had painted over the “Woodlands” with black paint because they didn't have the original paint of the shed and again, no new supplies at the time. Whatever was on hand was what we could work with.  So I worked around the black paint, made it a river/creek of sorts. I did my best!


This was a real fun one. Philly AIDS Thrift, let me paint a mural in their store! We went through a few pop culture figures and landed on Grace and that made me so happy. I love Grace Jones!

Color Your Pride South Street

Color Your Pride. This mural was sponsored by the South Street Department district for PRIDE. This is an interactive mural, right off of South Street between 5th and 6th street near Tattooed Mom. The mural has chalk nearby for people to use to color in the plants and little creatures at the bottom.

How fun is this!?!

This is the 18+ back room of the South Street Art Mart. Below you’ll see the walls without the artwork.