Erotic artwork from Smicky

Erotic artwork from Smicky


Smicky @smushrooms_art

Flower Pot Girls: legs

Part of the ongoing Flower Pot Girls series, which is an exploration into black female sexuality and its deterioration by society, this piece is a representation of how I felt after SA. I was bombarded by all the times I unwillingly agreed to sex with men and the realisation at the severity I was taken advantage of. I had to work through a lot of emotions and unlearn a lot of things taught to me by my interactions with others. That’s why this piece has both mushrooms and flowers; through the feeling of decay and rot I managed to create something else, something new to become.



I honestly created this for the Spooky Kinky Horror issue of Very Mag. But it didn’t come from nowhere. I have found that, sexual encounters for me (with men), will always teeter on the line of being unwanted. I’m bound by the man’s intentions and my fear of something worse happening. So I, guess this was how I managed to depict it.

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